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RV Tech Training Center, Inc.

The RV Industries Premier Tech Training Program

RV Tech Training Center, Inc.

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The RV Industries Premier Tech Training Program

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"Overall I've had a great experience and value the education/experience conveyed by the instructors and would definitely refer others to the school." Rolland David.

" The instructors were outstanding. This was a very positive course for me. I've never done any mechanical work in the past." Chris Anderson.

"Our business out here in AZ is growing like wildflowers and are building a very solid brand. I am working in 7 RV parks and am as busy as I want to be. The season out here is about to unwind and things will take a siesta for the summer. Time to move to the high country."

" I remember having such trepidation about learning the electrical aspects of the class and now it has become my favorite work to do. Thank you so much for hanging in there with me and teaching me everything I would need to be successful in this career. Every day I wake up I look forward to going out and helping folks with their RV related problems. Last year I did 23 cooling units and bet you can guess which fridge I now know very well. Anyways thanks for everything and despite my self-created angst during the class, I have fond memories of the time I was able to spend with you guys and time spent in Florida. You really are a good teacher and your style of teaching does work and manifests itself in my work on a weekly basis." Jeff Averyt, Fix My RV, LLC, Peoria, AZ.

"I attended the winter session Jan-Mar 2015 and proudly graduated along with 16 other classmates. I am retired Navy and found out I could attend this course and have the tuition, as well as my lodging covered by the Post 9-11 GI bill. This course was so fun and thorough that 3 months later I started my own mobile RV repair business. One year later and I am very jazzed to be running the #1 mobile RV repair business in the mountains above San Diego, CA. Many of the students in our class were interested in going into business for themselves, others to be available for hire as a certified RV technician and some just love the life of RV full-timing and want to be the envy of the "camp squirrels", (week 2, Day 1). Whatever your reason is, I highly recommend this Training Center to anyone who wants to become a professional in a trade that is in large demand but has a shortage of qualified technicians. Trust me, your skills WILL be in demand." May 29, 2016 Chip Jarman.

A testimonial, for RV Tech Training Center (RV Tech Training Center, Inc.) February 2021:

In September of 2013, I enrolled in the RV Tech Training Center, Inc. 10-week program. I had messed around with a few campers but wanted to learn more and possibly work in the field. It didn't matter why anyone else was there, it mattered what I had set my sites on accomplishing and my end goal, to learn.

It was hands on training that I was looking for. I realized that the hands on was specific things, campers, toilets, water heaters, even trailer brakes. What I learned was invaluable to furthering my knowledge in RV repair. The course sets up a good base for developing and continuing the learning process. Typically, if one works mobile service you will get mostly clients with older units, most likely but not all necessarily under warranty. In my service, I did do several warranty work jobs which required me to expand my learning to working with the warranty company's, knowing what was and was not covered, and how to file warranty reimbursement paperwork for that particular warranty. Didn't get to do a lot of new camper work, but some. Point is whether it's 2 years old or 20, the basics are just that they are all the same systems. Campers are like snowflakes, no two are EXACTLY alike.

Even on production line, the line can stop, and exact models will have changes initiated on by customer reviews and inputs.

The quality control happens at the dealership, new unit prep. Where it is crazy all the different things that get overlooked. That is job security for a thorough tech. I learned you cannot expect one unit to be identical to the last one you worked on, similar yes, which gives you the leads you need to resolve the issues of each job. I had to start with fresh eyes, use the basics I did learn, and utilize the resources to see what direction to go. I found rv repair and service to be an interesting and rewarding adventure. If one can apply to the basics, the learning comes from being out there and doing the hands on every day. The basics I got through the Training Center.

After I graduated, I spent the next 3 winters solely in Clearwater/Ruskin area and developed my skills. My first summer out I returned to Michigan and worked at a dealership I. northern MI which was eye opening and priceless. Now I am resuming a mobile service in Northern MI, one camper at a time!

Thanks Sam and Joyce! G. Voltz.